Track Creation/Music Production:

Send (or work in person) your melody or rough idea for a fully produced track of your song. Include sound-alike ideas for genre/style etc.  Make alterations/changes to your track until you are happy with it, you have final approval.
Flat rats per track, call or email for quotes.
Send or upload your session files for mixdown, you have final approval of mix.
Flat rate per song, rates vary depending on whether you require a full mix of your song, or just your vocals mixed to a pre-existing track.  Fee can include mastering of your final mix.
Call or email for quotes.
Send or upload your final mixes or mix stems for Mastering.
$40 per song, (includes Instrumental, clean version, Tv version, minor editing work if working off stems).
$35 per song for 3 or more.
Studio Time:
$50/per hour.  Hourly rate includes vocal production if requested.
Band Projects:
Call or email for flat rate quotes.  Record, mix and master your live band project. Work on your songs with an experienced record producer.
ADAT Transfers:
$45/per hour.  Transfer your ADAT tracks to WAV. or AIF. or Pro Tools session file.
Transfers 8 tracks at a time. Average 24 track song approximately 1/2 hr of time.
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